The Veldt invites you into an immersive visual and audio installation that generates a music composition for you based on your image.

The Veldt composes music based only on notes corresponding to the colours it has seen within its space, according to a chromesthestic scheme. The generated music plays through a surround sound system. Instrument timbre, tone and effects respond to current participants’ position, pose and movements, alongside The Veldt’s collected memory of past participants within its space.

Light panels respond to sound and rhythm, colours reflecting their corresponding notes. These panels are formed from laser-cut Perspex sheets that are frosted to create a defused effect (each sheet up to 50 x 50 cm). The multicolour lights underneath each sheet of Perspex are computer-controlled and programmed to react to the generated music.

The Veldt is portable and scalable. It can work in an indoor or outdoor space, and looks best in low light.

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